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Race Details

TIME: 12:00PM - 4:00PM

PRE REGISTRATION: SEPTEMBER 22, 2018, 12pm - 4pm

Race begins at Station Beach then heads west onto the Pink Trail. Four different trails have been incorporated into the race including the Pink Trail, Green Trail, Red Trail and Geddes Park Trail. The route can be a challenging, it has hills, downhills, bridges, beauty, nature and runners. 

This is a CHIP TIMED RUN meaning each runner or walker will have a bib with a sticker on it. Once you pass the start line the time will start and once you cross the finish line it will end. There will be a tent with iPads where you can check you standings at the end of the run. 

Each runner will get a t-shirt when they check in for the race.
Prizes for top finishers and for age categories!!


Registration Discount is available when you register before August 1, 2018

Want to Volunteer?

Please contact Race Director, Victoria Zambito, through email or phone.


This run is a unique way to bring the community together, promote a healthy lifestyle and raise money for the Kincardine Trails Association (KTA).
The KTA was formed in 2001 and has developed 30km of trails which promotes trail use and development in the Kincardine area for a variety of uses through the seasons. The trails accommodate walkers, runners, cyclists and more to enjoy the outdoors, spend time with family, be physically active and connect communities.

Trails are more than a healthy lifestyle choice, they represent the very meaning of Kincardine's slogan "Great Energy/Balanced Life". The goal of raising money for the KTA is to help them with their goal of developing a sustainable trail system that links our beautiful public parks and open spaces for all to enjoy. The KTA is currently working on the Kincardine to Inverhuron Provincial Park (KIPP) Trail.
At the end of the run there will prizes for top finishers and food/water. All proceeds will go to the Kincardine Trails Association.