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Don’t own a paddle board or surf board? No worries!

 West Shore’s Mobile Surf Van is set up at Station Beach,
 close to the water for easy access to boards for rent. 
Contact us to book a time during our Shop Van hours that suits you and and we’ll meet you with our West Shore Mobile Van right at the beach. We’ll get you out on the water, no problem!


Paddle board Rental Rates: Includes board, paddle, board leash + lifejacket
$30/half day
$50/full day
$120/ 3 days
Surfboard Rental Rates: Includes board leash
$30/half day
$40/full day
$100/3 days 
$200/1 week
Where’s West Shore Mobile Shop Van Located?
200 Station Beach Rd, Ripley, ON N0G 2R0
Contact West Shore Surf Shoppe
[email protected]
Items needed from you:
  • Deposit. 
  • Proof of ID. 
  • $500.00 per board hold on visa
  • Mobile phone number
*A thorough damage report will be filled out and board inspection will be done before and after rentals
*For rental periods longer than 1 week or for more than 4 boards, please contact West Shore for a quote
* All boards are sanitized on return
** We do NOT rent out WETSUITS for hygiene reasons
200 Station Beach Rd, Ripley, ON N0G 2R0, Canada