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Enjoy your shopping experience and sip on some Kombucha from our Booch Drink Bar + Refillery or grab one to go on your way by to the beach!





We serve weekly rotating taps from BOOCH Kombucha and Bottles to go from Moonbrew Jun and Booch to match the changing seasons.  Everything we offer is made with organic ingredients, resulting in a variety of amazing tastes that everyone can enjoy!

The Booch Drink Bar is a refillery.  So you can grab a single serving while shopping, or take home one of our refillable Growlers so you have enough for the week.  When finished you can bring your re-usable growler back for a refill.

And if you need to stock up on Kombucha, we also offer a selection of pre-packaged glass bottles in our fridge from Booch and Moonbrew Jun as well. 

To learn more about Kombucha, what it’s made of and the health benefits, click here




So come on in, enjoy our space and have a drink of the good stuff with us!